Your world,
always on.
UPS, your best friend.
Your world,
always on.
UPS, your best friend.
Your world,
always on.
UPS, your best friend.

About us

Our story starts here …

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Giuseppe Righetti, along with other partners, creates the first On Line UPS prototype in his garage, and establishes “Errepi Srl”

It is the year of the market launch of the first On Line High Frequency and High Efficiency UPS. Errepi Srl is the first company to introduce such a product on the market.

Errepi Italy starts a close long- term partnership with ERREPI USV (Munich).

The business collaboration with Powercom starts.

It is the year in which Giuseppe Righetti sells “Errepi” to found “Cablotecnica Srl”, a new company that becomes an Official European partner of Powercom. There is an evolution in the markets too: from the OEM and resellers markets, Cablotecnica enters into the IT and electric markets.
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Cablotecnica grows and enters in the most important European markets, continuing the partnership with ERREPI USV for the German speaking countries and Benelux. Thanks to new distribution partners, since the end of the nineties the products of Cablotecnica can be found in France, UK, Scandinavia, Spain and Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, Greece and many other Countries.

The constant growth leads to a new, larger production site. Our expertise develops too: after creating the Groups brand, the Company enters successfully in the electro medical and security markets. This is also the year in which we present the first generation of Vanguard and we start to customize products on large scale.
logo groups

Cablotecnica enhances the R&D division to offer more profound customizations of our products. The Company develops a widespread assistance net, firstly in Italy and then in the rest of Europe.

Powercom Europe Srl is established. A new era starts.
logo PCM

…to be continued


Why a UPS

Electricity is perfect when it is produced, but the mains, because of its own structure, can alter its frequency, cause over or undervoltages and, in some instances, even create interruptions and black outs.

Find out how a UPS works!

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