Your world,
always on.
UPS, your best friend.
Your world,
always on.
UPS, your best friend.
Your world,
always on.
UPS, your best friend.

Accessories & Customization

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The SNMP Network board allows you to manage your UPS locally or from remote by connecting it to the LAN and using the SNMP and HTTP protocols. It is possible to monitor the UPS and receive messages from it even remotely. The machine will be able to communicate with other devices on the network for advanced management of signals, selective shutdown and multi OS.



They are specific accessories to connect the UPS to the load.
They are indispensable when you need to create a redundant power supply for the load itself and you do not have ups which can be put in parallel.


The AS 400 relay contact board allows you to collect free contacts and send signals on the status of the UPS. These signals can be used to activate alerts and alarms on domotic or automation centrals.


The RS485 board allows long distances bi-directional communications. The transmission / reception show all the specific information about the operating status of the ups, the alarms and input and output measurement. These signals can be used to activate reports and alarms on home or automation centers, especially in the industrial market.


The environmental sensors can measure and monitor temperature and humidity present in the installation site, as well as the presence of flooding. In addition it is possible to connect to the system proximity sensors for the management of the door opening or to control the accesses to the installation site itself.
The GSM modem allows you to send SMS with information on the status of the UPS, and it is useful when LAN/WAN network isn’t present to access the UPS, interact with it and carry out a remote service assistance. These accessories have to be connected to a system already equipped with an SNMP board.


The Emergency Power Off (EPO) is a normally closed external contact that allows you to turn off the UPS in emergency situations and in compliance with the current European Norms on this subject.


This accessory replicates the display of the UPS and allows you to monitor from remote its operational status and to check the different values of the UPS measurements.


It facilitates the installation of the UPS to the power supply and distribution panel (input and output of the machine). It becomes particularly useful during the maintenance or replacement of the UPS as it enables you to bypass the UPS and to connect in the load to the main power in complete safety, allowing the physical disconnection of the machine. It is available in single-phase/single-phase
and three-phase/single-phase.


We offer a wide choice of cables and connections to meet all of your installation needs.
You can also find some specific kits to connect some models of ups to the power supply or to the load through industrial connections or schuko plugs.
Telescopic guides are also available for an easy mounting of rack 19” ups.


You can find them in various power solutions and they disconnect the load from the ups (if installed on the output), or the ups from the power supply (if installed on the input of the ups itself), to achieve galvanic separation.
They are also available in rack versions, for certified medical applications.


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This board allows you to turn on and off the UPS through a remote contact. This option becomes very useful when you need to control the switching on and off from remote.



Special rmware for the microcontroller of the UPS which modify the step-wave to make it suitable to power small motors and transformers.



Complete waterproo ng treatment of the boards connectors and cables with a special resin that protects them from humidity and adverse environment conditions.


CEI 016

Customization of the UPS to make it compliant to the CEI016 norm concerning the protection and power supply of medium voltage cabins. The main modifications of this customization are the presence of a reserve of autonomy and the tropicalization of boards, connectors and cables.



Once a special rmware that disables the By Pass is installed, you can select the “Frequency Converter” mode to switch from 50Hz on the input to 60Hz on the output and vice versa.



It is a special customized realization of the UPS model SMK, speci cally designed to be used as an emergency rescuer for domestic installations or for small of ces. It provides complete protection and power supply for emergency systems (lights, re alarms, sound alarms etc.), and it guarantees long autonomy due to the large-capacity batteries contained inside the metal cabinet. It is complete with an LCD display and facilitated connections/ controls for the installation, under the main power panel.




Special metal cabinet to install the UPS on a wall, it features an external LED display. It is the ideal solution to replace quickly and in safety the battery pack in installations in public places.

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