Technical Features


The GM PRO is an advanced UPS with ON LINE double conversion transformerless technology, with static automatic bypass (VFI-SS-111 according to EN62040-3).

The perfect SINUSOIDAL output waveform is completely reconstructed by a high performance inverter with 3 levels technology, high frequency IGBT switching technology and DSP control logic.



Batteries are recharged with multiple levels and can be of different types (VRLA, AGM, Open Vase, NiCd, etc.).
The battery charger is configurable and can also recharge high capacity batteries very quickly.
It is also automatically protected against deep discharges of the accumulators that are kept monitored with cyclical efficiency tests.

The whole machine is supervised by a powerful microprocessor that manages the LCD graphic display which makes the UPS status such as alarms, error messages or maintenance needs, particularly intuitive.

There are all possible configurations of the equipment including synchronized redundant parallel connections, frequency converter operation and high efficiency “ECO” mode and HYBRID ON LINE.



The GM PRO has a very low impact in the power supply because of the sinusoidal absorption (unit cosphi) and minimal grid harmonic distortion (THDi <3%).

The GM PRO can be configured to start working when main is not present, and also it is possible to set up the SOFT START to manage the ignition of the loads and to have a higher compatibility with the power grids even when available power is limited and / or in presence of power generators not particularly oversized.

Even the forced ventilation is kept under the maximum control: it is redundant in order to prevent over-temperature blocks and it is also managed by the microprocessor to increase its performance, especially at a low power.



The available range of communication interfaces and accessories for security, connection and monitoring is complete and it increases the value of the equipment, adapting it to the needs of the customer and to the installation environment.



The GM PRO series is compatible with the most critical industrial and high performances IT installations.
GMP UPS’s are suitable for all applications where critical load protection is required, from simple to complex installations, where demand for reliability and maintenance is higher.

In addition to the UPS with three-phase or single-phase input and single-phase output, the GM PRO series also includes:

  • from 10 to 200kVA with three-phase output (GM 3XXX PRO)
  • “special” or customized versions for different powers, voltages or frequencies