Your world,
always on.
UPS, your best friend.
Your world,
always on.
UPS, your best friend.
Your world,
always on.
UPS, your best friend.

Software & App

SO Type Size Download
UPSMON PRO v1.23 Windows RAR 4.2 MB
UPSMON PRO v1.23 Linux (via RS232) ZIP 104 MB
UPSMON PRO v1.23 Linux (via USB) ZIP 104 MB

Download the latest version of the software from PCM website

SOFTWARE SNMP - Agent per shutdown PC Server CLIENTMATE
ClientMate v5.62 Windows RAR 6.0 MB
ClientMate v5.3 Linux RAR 16.0 MB
ClientMate v5.3 Mac RAR 2.2 MB
ClientMate v3.51 WMware RAR 445 KB
SNMP SOFTWARE - Installing and configuring SNMP Netility
Netility v4.53 Windows RAR 3.6 MB
Netility v1.1 Linux RAR 14 MB
Netility v1.1 Mac RAR 851 KB
SNMPView v5.73 Windows RAR 6.5 MB

Download the latest version of the software from MegaTec website


Thanks to this dedicated software, you can monitor a UPS connected to a PC through a USB cable or through the LAN. The interface is easy and intuitive thanks to a simple design and the elaborations of various diagrams. UPSMON PRO allows you to send emails with information about the operation status of the UPS and send alarms and noti cations on possible anomalies. With the software, you can also program a secure shut down of the PC. The software is available for the following OS: sco unix, xenix, unix ware, decosf/1, digitalunix, sunos, solaris86, hp-ux, sgi irix, free bsd.
It is compatible with Windows and Linux systems.



The SNMP Network board allows you to connect the UPS to a LAN and makes it accessible from a PC or other enabled devices. The SNMP can send the “save le” and “shut down” commands to all PCs connected to the LAN. The ports available on the board, allow you to connect additional accessories, such as humidity, temperature and smoke sensors and the GSM modem. It is compatible with Windows, Linux, MAC and VMWare systems.



All the UPS that can be connected to a PC or an SNMP board are compatible with the PCM APP, the new app developed by Powercom to monitor and manage its UPS from your smartphone or tablet (network con guration required).



With the PCM APP you can check in a simple and straightforward way the most important information on the status of the UPS. You can also perform a battery test from remote in real time. Every time there is an anomaly on the mains or any kind of fault, the app will warn you immediately through a noti cations system.



With the PCM APP you can also manage the turning on and the shutting down of the outputs, of a PC connected through a USB cable or of the UPS itself. Apart from ensuring a total control of your system, this feature is especially useful to redistribute the available autonomy between the two output groups (only for the UPS with this feature). A password, that can be set through a PC, protects your system and grants you exclusive access.



PCM APP is available in a wide selection of languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Swedish, and Czech.

Download it now from the App Store or from Google Play Store!


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