powerful, efficent
and safe.

On Line Mono-phase

The ON LINE double conversion technology, represents the maximum protection possible for a load that needs a protected power supply, which has to be granted and kept even in the absence of the electrical network, thanks to batteries. It is suitable to feed and to protect all types of load according to the lack of switching between the main and the battery mode.


When main power supply is present, the UPS with ON LINE double conversion technology, takes the waveform at the input, straightens it and maintains the efficiency of the accumulators. Then, the same continuous waveform is amplified and powers the inverter which is the real heart of the UPS. In the inverter takes place the second energy conversion and the output waveform, which will be a perfect sine wave, is reconstructed “step by step” in order to be absolutely stable in amplitude and with a perfect frequency.

With this technology you obtain a “seamless” feeding regardless of the quality or of the presence or absence of the main supply. This is because the inverter always reconstruct the shape of the output wave being fed in input by the rectified mains or by battery voltage.


This category includes UPS designed with a special attention to the IT market, so they are more ef cient in feeding and protecting computer loads. The stability of the required voltage is not particularly high; the complexity of the equipment is lower and according to that, also its cost. The waveform in battery mode is not always perfectly sinusolidal. However, this does not create problems in the functioning of the IT equipments that can also be powered by a non-sinusoidal waveform.

The limit of this product is that when the load to feed, or the place of installation changes, the not perfect stability of the output voltage may affect negatively the functioning of the IT equipment. These UPS are designed with a speci c equipment of batteries that can not be expanded. Being designed for the IT market, they offer an high level communication performance.

Machines are con gured plug & play on WINDOWS systems and on NAS, and different software solutions are available to interface, on various levels, all operating systems, even the most complex and virtualized. (VMWare, etc.).

Key points
  • Cost
  • Easy handling and compact size
  • Ability to feed only IT equipment even if complex
  • Ability to interface even with the most complex operating systems
  • Plug & play on WINDOWS systems and NAS


The UPS VANGUARD series does not have any limitation in the type of load or in the installation environment. The design of the equipment takes count of all the possible uses. The machines are easily customizables to be conformed also to special regulations which discipline the use of the UPS in speci c elds of use (medium voltage cabins, electromedical environments, industrial installations).

They ensure the maximum stability of the output waveform and a perfect sinusoidal shape, thanks to the use of components and technologies among the most advanced. As for the other series of POWERCOM products called “premium”, they are designed to be more reliable and also easy to mantain.

The machines are equipped with a drawer for the replacement of the batteries and of easily accessible structures to execute this operation in a fast and easy way and without short circuit and/or harmful polarity inversions for the equipment. The electronic cards are wired in order to facilitate and speed up the maintenance operations and the connectors are polarized to avoid damages or mistakes.

Key points
  • Ability to feed all kind of cargo with a waveform of extreme quality
  • Reliability in continuous operation in any installation environment
  • Possibility of long autonomies with the addition of batteries that will be recharged by the UPS
  • Plug & play on WINDOWS systems and NAS
  • Ability to interface all operating systems, even the most complex

Output waveform with low battery level